Create nationwide awareness for both RetuRO and SGR. Position RetuRO CEO as key spoke on issues related to SGR. 
Transform bureaucratic, law-regulated registration process into simple story, giving a feeling of national commitment. Have 84.000 companies registered by Feb 28,


Designed call to action as national commitment in a gameword: Primul(First) P(lastic)A(luminium) S(ticla/glass). Targeted small&medium cities media with constant press-releases. Branded all modern commerce shop chains with campaign posters. Informed via NLs members of all producers & retailers’ assoc. Held meetings with producers' sales forces. RetuRO CEO positioned as campaign endorser in all FMCG events. NLs to lawyers and
accountants via professional assoc. Enrolled national control bodies to inform retailers about registration process.


55.000 companies registered within 40 days of launch. 100+ media presences (online, print, TV) in <40 days with 7 mil people reached. Due to comms campaign success, online registration platform overwhelmed by number
of companies looking to register and crashed
3 days before deadline. Which added another extra 5.000 registered companies by March 14, 2023.


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