Could we make the brand story rock and become an international success story on its 50th anniversary while proving its success story can live on?


Turned one iconic area of Bucharest into a live display of Dacia 50 years of history. We turned the boulevard between Charles de Gaulle Plaza and Triumphal Arch into a theatre scene for more than 10.000 people. Six street theatre performances illustrating the 5 decades of the brand in Romania amazed the public and created a memorable experience, perfect to honor the 50th Dacia anniversary. The parade was completed with a full day event in Herastrau Park including a Dacia open-air museum, current models on sale, family activities and a closing concert.


30k people attended the parade and the show
50 Dacia car models on parade
One main boulevard closed for one day
Alert on WAZE navigation system to avoid the closed boulevard due to Dacia 50 years event

Dacia 50 ani
Dacia 50 ani

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