We Open The Romanian Wine – Carrefour x GRF+


  • Reinforce a new ritual: December 1st celebration with Romanian wine at Carrefour.
  • Establish Carrefour as the premier destination for Romanian wine.
  • Spark conversations and expand tasting opportunities for Romanian wine at Carrefour.


The National Day: a moment of celebration for approx. 40% of Romanians, who mostly enjoy the day off for a city-break, or to visit their friends. But what about celebration? Who are the Romanians who mark the 1st of December? The Romanians living abroad, missing their country and their loved ones, from whom the National Day is a reminder of their roots. And how can we address them, while positioning the Romanian Wine and inviting Romanians back home to raise a glass for Romania? 

The solution: Organise the first Romanian Wine tasting up in the clouds, for all Romanians flying back home on December 1st.  

On the busiest Italy-Romania route, we curated a complete Romanian wine-tasting experience for 200 passengers, partnering with renowned influencers and presenting a range of Romanian wines. From the skies to the ground and on our tables, locals and tourists visiting our country on the 1st of December indulged the Romanian Wine, while Romanians back home were inspired to also raise a glass for them, their peers and our country.


+ 600 people sampled Romanian wine from the DVR 

9.5 million reach (duplicated)

32 media placements, 

4 national TV broadcasts

2 radio broadcasts.

17% boosted sales of Romanian wine compared to the previous year.

We Open The Romanian Wine – Carrefour x GRF+
We Open The Romanian Wine – Carrefour x GRF+
We Open The Romanian Wine – Carrefour x GRF+

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