Tazz delivers your legends


Tazz's strategy involved aligning its brand with sports events to improve visibility and surpass competitors in the delivery platform category. This included creating a secondary touchpoint with consumers beyond its app listings and leveraging strategic moments during football matches for impactful brand exposure.


Tazz implemented a creative solution by orchestrating a unique delivery experience during a football match. A specially selected athlete served as a Tazz rider, delivering a significant item—a retiring footballer's last ball—to Adrian Mutu at the match's kick-off. This moment was amplified by the presence of international football icons and extended post-match through a fundraising initiative.


The partnership between Tazz and Sports Festival resulted in significant brand visibility and engagement. Tazz exceeded its objectives, becoming the category leader in delivery platforms and achieving its goal of associating with sports events. Notably, the campaign garnered strong social media metrics, impressive in-stadium audience turnout, and extensive media coverage, affirming Tazz's successful integration into the sports arena.

Campaign Results:

SoV MoM 41%

SoV QoQ 39%

Campaign Results (PR):

Reach 744.000 (+55% vs target)

TV Audiences 104k All Urban (+g), 1.1 RTG%

Live attendance 20.000

Campaign Results(Social Media):

247.623 Impressions (+20% vs target)

178.291 Reach (+19% vs target)

1286 Engagement (+28% vs target)

Tazz delivers your legends
Tazz delivers your legends
Tazz delivers your legends

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