Roche OK to Fear


The narrative was based on one of the most powerful emotions determining people’s actions, one that governed the entire human population in 2020: FEAR. Deeply rooted into all survival mechanism, a condition of evolution itself, and a far more effective deterrent to potentially harmful behaviour than positive, hopeful or feel-good messages.


We are not to fight fear. Instead, we embrace it. Because FEAR is good, as long as it keeps you alive. So we went on a mission to normalize fear. Our core message: IT’S OK TO BE AFRAID, told in a video manifesto about three major types of cancers.

The digital hub of the campaign spoke of the personal control we have over our lives: – the first Roche owned content platform dedicated to cancer patients or potential patients in Romania.


+ 2 mil. organic impressions nationwide

+10 k website traffic/month

+100 k Facebook users interested in health

stakeholders involvement (top 3 clinics and patient associations)


108 press & TV features

6.5 mil. PR & social impressions

2.8 mil. digital impressions

1.5 mil. saw the TVC at least once

23K unique viewers and 28K page views on in one month

content published in 60 patient Facebook groups, with a potential reach of 740.000 Facebook users 

105 private clinics and 25 hospitals broadcasted our videos internally or communicated externally

Roche OK to Fear
Roche OK to Fear
Roche OK to Fear
Roche OK to Fear

COVID-19 has affected all diagnosis and treatment stages for cancer patients. Postponing cancer treatment for only 4 weeks leads to 6-13% death rate growth, depending on the cancer type. During the first months of the pandemic, 3,000 lung cancer cases went undiagnosed.

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