Cargus Never Have I ever


Cargus found itself amid few crises generated by clients who used its courier services to deliver products that are forbidden to such services, some of them by law. We needed to restore trust in the company’s services and prevent similar situations by educating the general public and the clients about the rules of courier services. 


We built an infotainment campaign using absurd and exaggerated situations to emphasize the need for rules and regulations. Our own Never Have I Ever game, but with postal rules. We planned a mix of funny, extreme, absurd yet relatable scenarios of things that were or were not sent via Urgent Cargus and used social channels to directly engage consumers through polls. We built funny visuals and built awareness for the initiative through mass-media, while also kicking off a direct conversation with clients and employees. The cherry on top was a list of the most surprising situations the employees had to face – a list that received widespread overage in mass-media. ​All materials sent the readers to campaign’s landing page – a friendly presentation of the rules each sender needed to check before calling a courier. 



42% drop of wrongly packed parcels, due to operational changes and developments, sustained by the Never Have I Ever Sent campaign

484% people reached

268% impressions

291% engaged users

15.7% engagement rate compared to an average global Facebook benchmark of 0.09%  

300 Organic poll responses

48 media articles generated

2 radio mentions

+2 million people reached through media articles

Cargus Never Have I ever
Cargus Never Have I ever
Cargus Never Have I ever

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