Increase visibility for Teach for Romania

Promote TFR teachers as relevant examples for kids and communities


Start with brand repositioning and continue with the launch of a new communication platform, Models for the Future, generating conversation and media coverage around the essential role of a TfR teacher in a child's development.


It doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is where you want to go. Every child’s future starts with a dream, one that should be discovered and pursued. TfR teachers’ teaching method guides children in finding and following their true call. 

So we decided to develop the first social experiment on education in Romania, in partnership with Cult Research, proving that a teacher can broaden a child's perspective.

Teach For Romania
Teach For Romania
Teach For Romania
Teach For Romania

69M PR impressions (362% of the initial objective)

+1.7M organic reach in Social Media (156% vs. initial target)

+50% engaged users on the Teach for Romania Facebook Page

+300K video views across platforms (8 times more than initial objective)

100% positive reactions generated by hundreds of shares in Social Media


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